Right food is important for living healthy life. A healthy body contains healthy mind so it is important to have nutritious items. There are many food items in your kitchen which can give you good health and perfect shape.

If you look into your kitchen you will find different source of healthy items. There is turmeric which is full of vitamin C and magnesium. It is also great source of fiber. It has a good anti-inflammatory effect. It is also used for healing.

There is another food item which is garlic. It has a low density protein and bad cholesterol. It also has a blood thinning effect and so it is also very helpful in hypertension control. It also has elements which reduces the chances of stomach and colon cancer. Ginger is normally used as a paste in food adds anti-inflammatory effects. It can block propagandist release which develops migraine and arthritis.

Keep healthy and nutritious food items in your kitchen and fridge. Fruits, fresh vegetables, healthy meats, grins, cereals and much more are healthy food items which will fill your stomach and reduce your craving for unhealthy products like fast foods. Rather buying fast food from stores, cook your food on your own. Use low fat cooking and make your own dish as anything which is prepared in home is always good as compared to outer food items.

Eating healthy food will increase your concentration, your power, your immune system will be improved, and your body will become strong enough to fight against disease.


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Tough times call for strong managers who are strong leaders.

‘Tough times call for strong managers who are strong leaders.’ Do not just “manage and manipulate,” but choose to lead.  What is the difference?  We manage budgets, time and e-mail; we lead people with vision, inspiration, enthusiasm, commitment and attitude.  

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DISCIPLINE v/s FREEDOM: The Culture of Discipline at Abbott

Under the leadership of George Cain (Cain), Abbott laboratories (Abbott) adopted a system called “Responsibility accounting” in 1960s.

Under this system the managers were held responsible for all the items of the cost, income, and investment which come under their sphere of activities. Every manager, no matter what job he is responsible for, was assessed for return on investment (ROI). The organization was more like an investor and the managers were like entrepreneurs.

This system promoted rigor and discipline while stimulating creativity and sprit of entrepreneurship. George Rathmann, the former Cofounder & CEO of Amgen who was a former employee of Abbot, says “Abbott developed a very disciplined organization, but not in a linear way of thinking. It was exemplary at having both financial discipline and the divergent thinking of creative work. We used financial discipline as a way to provide resources for the really creative work.”

As a result of these creative efforts, the company’s administrative costs as a percentage of sales declined to the lowest in the industry. The company also highly innovative. By early 1980s, 65% of revenues flowed from new products that were launched in the previous four years.

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“Learning Social Media Marketing Etiquette”

I came across this YouTube video about Facebook etiquette that you might like to watch. Does’nt matter if you use Facebook, Activerain, Linkedin or Twitter.   This short video can help:

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WAS IT IMPOSSIBLE for this radiant performer to score a perfect 10 not once but seven times. IT WASN’T!

At age 14, Nadia Comaneci became the star of the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. Not only did she become the first gymnast at the Olympics to receive the perfect score of ten (which she repeated 6 more times), she also won three gold medals (individual all-around, balance beam and uneven bars), a silver medal (team all-around) and a bronze (floor exercise). Watch her spine chilling INCREDIBLE PERFECT 10 performance.

Dare to be great,
Be amazing,

Wishing you a day of Brilliant Possibilities!!

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La Décroissance

Key to the concept of degrowth is that reducing consumption does not require individual martyring and a decrease in well-being.

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